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From Angola to Zimbabwe: Guide to Key Africa Markets in 2018

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Africa CEO Forum 2018

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For bond investors, Africa was a happy hunting ground last year. Its local-currency and dollar securities easily outperformed those of emerging markets overall as investors piled into a continent offering high yields and starting to recover from the commodity bust of three years ago. But risks abound, among them policy tightening in advanced economies, local …

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If the report of the National Bereau of Statistics (NBS) which indicates that Nigeria’s unemployment rate rose from 16.2% in the second quarter to 18.8% in the third quarter of 2017 is anything to go by, then it goes beyond doubt that Nigeria is in a desperate situation which requires drastic action. She can no …

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An organized and enterprising African private sector has emerged over the past two decades, despite a business climate that remains challenging. Applying innovative methods and original strategies, it has shown its dynamism in the best of times, and its resilience in the worst. But the number and size of major African companies remains small when …

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