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A true story of a great entrepreneur. Be inspired. I am Betty Kimble, the founder and CEO of Nature’s Genesis skincare brand and Nature’s Genesis cosmetic Science Institute. I am also the president of N.O.C.A (Natural & Organic Cosmetologist Association, Ghana) an association of natural and organic cosmetologists in Ghana.   As a girl, I …

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Meet an author, entrepreneur and a business executive who moved out of her comfort zone from Sweden to the United States  of America at the age of 19 to make her dream a reality. After been trained in her mother’s salon, she was skilled enough coupled with other training to lead the fashion industry in …

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Get inspired with amazing stories, interviews and articles from technology to agriculture and also introducing the MSM BUSINESS DIRECTORY in the second issue of My Story Magazine. “My Story Magazine is an entrepreneurial resource which shares true stories of African Entrepreneurs. At My Story, we relate with our personalities to share their stories and also …

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