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mCoin: The First Cryptocurrency that Needs no Internet Access Released

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Blockchain Africa Conference 2018

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WhyGhanaian Businesses Must Pursue Business Re-engineering & Rationalization: The Trends, Analysis and Perspective. Background: Ghana’s macro-economic environment is stabilizing; an economic restructuring program being pursued by Government under its short to medium term program is touted as yielding positive economic returns, reducing interest rates, reduction in tariffs, aggressive digitization, favorable balance of payment, positive external …

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Get inspired with amazing stories, interviews and articles from technology to agriculture and also introducing the MSM BUSINESS DIRECTORY in the second issue of My Story Magazine. “My Story Magazine is an entrepreneurial resource which shares true stories of African Entrepreneurs. At My Story, we relate with our personalities to share their stories and also …

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On several occasions, people have asked me how they can really make much on the internet in a very short space, mainly a month to 6months. Honestly no one can predict how rich you can become in a month or two but it is highly possible to be extremely lucky to make that much as …

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On February 20 2018 Onem announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency called mCoin. mCoin is a unique first of a kind inclusive cryptocurrency, that makes it possible for the 3 billion people around the world who don’t have access to the Internet to take advantage of new kinds of services tied to blockchain technology and it …

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Blockchain technology and digital currencies are changing the way we do business with each other: how we store and retrieve information, how we transact, and how we send and receive money across the world. Blockchain technology offers advancements and innovation in various technological fields. The open-source, decentralised and distributed nature of the blockchain creates new …

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