The Young UK based Ghanaian Social Entrepreneur changing the status Quo in Ghana with her social services

Danielle Gyamfua Atakora is a young entrepreneur from the UK with Ghanaian descent who has decided to contribute to the development of Ghana through her services operated under her Non-governmental organisation referred to as DNA Social Services.

She is a young leader with great boldness and strong willingness to create massive change in Ghana. Although Danielle was born and raised in the UK she always expressed that “Ghana was born in her”. Which has led her to respond and be part of  the problems Ghana face. With her extreme passion for Africa’s development The Young Entrepreneur agrees with the statement made by our current president Nana Akufo-Addo That Ghanaians must reach a level whereby travelling outside the country for a better life will no longer be an option. In order for this to happen Danielle believes all Ghanaians who are Educated and highly skilled in thier various fields should all contribute in every possible way to make Ghana a better place Especially those Abroad. Danielle recently shared a documentry titled “African Diaspora”, which is a movement Danielle is promoting, with the belief that if All Ghanaians abroad returned home with their various skills, ideas and inventions Ghana will be a great place a 2nd “Dubai” . Danielle has started abiding to this belief.


In September 2018 the young Entrepreneur launched her youth development scheme for young boys and young girls. A scheme that focuses on embracing young skills and talents within the country With the aim to educate more young people as well as connect skilled youth to work experience that will build their portfolios and eventually get them into a secured job role to help them survive and make a living in Ghana. Aswell as create more bold strong willing youths, Ghana’s  next generation to help them build and invest their skills int the future.Danielle has also been liasing with elders, chiefs and kings in a particular area of Ghana with the aim to build a community centre which will become a facility that will benefit the local citizens offering them a service at their door step. We look forward to what Danielle has installed for Ghana.


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