Meet Alvin Nana Kwame Ofori, a young real estate developer who took chances from life to pursue his dream.He grew up without any parent support but yet believed that destiny chasers do not give up but make sure their vision and mission is accomplished on earth.

He’s the CEO of Rico Properties Limited. Rico Properties is into construction and building of affordable housing for high and middle income earners.

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Msm; Can you tell us a bit about yourself? family, educational background.

Alvin: My name is Alvin Nana Kwame Ofori, I was Born on the   28th day of November 1988. A Proud Alumnus of Labone senior high school and Wisconsin University College both in Ghana, where I was born and raised as the second child to my Akuapem mother and  Voltarian father who both passed at a very tender age.


Msm; How was your childhood and growing up like. Would you say it influenced your choice of a career path?

Alvin; I discontinued my Tertiary education at Wisconsin University to Venture into the transport business and later into real estate , I started  real estate as a broker and I’m now a developer and I would say the drive to build things up influenced my career choice. Growing up, I saw many people who were accomplished in life but hadn’t attended the biggest schools in the world so I always believed that a vision, hard work and determination makes the difference. Having a good education however is a plus.And so that’s one thing I’d say I wish i had completed if i were given the chance to.

Msm; Can you share your story with us?
From where you started in your career and how you finally ventured into the real estate sector?

Alvin:  Growing up without my parents and being tossed from home to home made me yearn to create a conducive environment for my family and also for other families, and i believe a house  is a fundamental item that can promote unity in the home, so that’s what motivates me each day to do what I do.

Msm; What will you say motivates you?

Alvin: My greatest fear I’d say is being alone. Because  success, progress, accomplishment and wealth cannot be fully enjoyed when  you don’t share it with the people you love.

Msm; What have been some of your greatest accomplishments?

Alvin; I believe my greatest accomplishment is having Jesus as my Lord and personal savior.Because nothing supercedes that.

Msm;  Can you mention three books you have read and how they changed your life?


🔹Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki

🔹The richest man in Babylon by George Samuel Clason

🔹Sell Or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life by Grant Cardone

Msm; There has been an increase in entrepreneurship across the continent and the globe from small scale enterprises to large corporations. What are your thoughts on it? Do you think it’s the best way to solve some of Africa’s challenges and improve the lives of people?

Alvin; The increase in entrepreneurship across the continent and the globe is an excellent  thing, especially among the youth because it’s greatly decreasing the extremely high rates of unemployment and increasing innovation and creativity among the youth.

Msm; What will be your advice to others especially the youth about the effects of comfort zones and on the importance of entrepreneurship?

Alvin; My advice to the youth, myself included, is that every good thing requires a sacrifice, sometimes the sacrifice requires stepping out of your comfort zones and taking calculated risks to achieve the dreams and visions you have. However,  careful planning and advice from the right mentors in the field is a great way to start.A quote by Warren Buffet I Love is “It’s good to learn from your mistakes, it’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes”

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