An interview with Daniel Sarpong Jnr. (Head, Digital Strategy and Corporate Partnerships – TONATON)

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Daniel Sarpong Jnr, an extremely passionate gentleman who is obsessed about impacting his generation. I believe the greatest way to make life better for this generation is to have people committed to a course.

What stimulated your interest in sales and why did you choose this particular work?

Sales is everything, sales is life! Everybody sells whether consciously or unconsciously. The first time you sold was when you cried as a baby; you sold the idea of you wanting food by crying and your mom bought into that idea and gave you food to make you stop crying. Sales isn’t deception or lying, sales is INFLUENCE! Sales is the blood of every company and any company that does not sell will die despite having quality products or service because quality products don’t sell themselves. Due to this impact and relevance of sales, I entered this field with the aim to Master it!

What are some of the services you provide? Any memorable project(s) so far?

Currently, I just do sales trainings especially on weekends for companies that need these services. I draw a whole sales process which their sales executives or customer service personnel can follow to grow their revenues.
The most recent project was the SALES MADNESS CONFERENCE in collaboration with the CEO Project where I taught about many topics on sales.
We have many extremely positive feedback from this.

What are some of the untapped industries you think your project could be deployed in?

For this, I believe the entire industry in Ghana needs this. Most companies invest so much on infrastructure, packaging and all but give less attention to their sales executives who are the direct contact to the external world. Companies are losing millions of cédis each year in lost revenue opportunity because one or more sales people didn’t know how to handle a situation and lost several deals. Hitting targets doesn’t mean the company hit per their capacity in terms of revenue; hitting the revenue capacity only comes by training sales people professionally

Do you think entrepreneurship is the solution to some of the problems on the continent?

Not just some, but most! Relying on the government to develop our nation, cities and lifes is not the best . Are we putting our entire livelihood relying on a government? We are literally putting our destinies in the hand of the government ? I think that’s ridiculous; not that the government isn’t capable or doesn’t have the capacity but it’s better for people to come out of their shells and help the government in this cause. There’s a greater impact and speed in development if the entrepreneurs and the private sector as a whole partners with the government in this course. There is boost in growth and development of any nation with a strong level of entrepreneurship

What is your vision for the next 5 years and where do you see yourself as an African entrepreneur?

In the next 5 years I see myself managing an academy that trains sales people across Africa and the world at large. My team and I would be in charge of creating and managing the sales processes of most companies in Ghana and ensuring that they aren’t losing money through lost revenue opportunities.
My Sales Conferences would also spread across Africa and beyond to train and help develop all entrepreneurs and sales people in the science of sales.

What would you say is your biggest challenge as an African entrepreneur and why have you not
given up?

Giving up is for people who aren’t really sure of what they want out of this life; nobody or no government owes you anything; it’s your responsibility to make life as you desire. If they support its good, if they don’t, find a way to make things work!
Biggest challenge is usually about our systems working and getting support from family, friends and various bodies. Another is in building your brand; no matter how skilled or developed you are, until you are already known, only few people desire to access your services

What gets you out of bed in the morning and what keeps you up at night?

I would say my desire to learn more and impact more.
Wisdom in terms of TIME! I have realized 24hours has never been enough to do all I desire to. There are a lot of people to impact, there are a lot of things we wish we could work on but this factor of time is limited. Making the best out of this limited time means we have to plan it and use it judiciously to accomplish as much as possible.
My passions for impact and fulfilling my purpose kicks me out of my bed as well.

What avenues can upcoming entrepreneurs on the African continent think of with respect to

First I would say equity. They should do well to set up their personal funds for all their activities; you may have a great idea, product or service but until the world sees what you have done so far, no one may invest in you. With your personal funds as well as from family or friends, START doesn’t have to be too big, just START SOMETHING.They may not see the flame within but at least let them see the spark and how big it can be .

What do you wish you knew before starting your first business?

I wish I knew more about networking. I have realized that the easiest way to grow your brand in an extreme positive correlation is with the people you know.
Also, I wish I knew that the time would never be perfect to start; start with what you have now; start before you are ready!

In one word describe your life as an entrepreneur.


What has been your greatest inspiration?

Gods Purpose for me has been my greatest inspiration. Knowing that God has given me a gift in my career and that most businesses need to understand these strategies to survive. Changing lives and transforming businesses keeps me going!
My father Prophet Michael Divine is also one of the greatest inspirations. Teaching me about God, Life and values that makes me better each day.

If you had the chance to start again, what would you do differently?

I doubt I would do nothing differently. I have made many mistakes and missed in a lot of times in business and all but all of these have been strong factors that have made me learn a lot and become better in way other ways

What significant advice would you give African entrepreneurs who are launching out?

You don’t have to see the whole path; you may only see the next step and that is okay. JUST SET OUT! Don’t wait to be ‘READY’. Start with what you have and the dream would become clearer and most visible as you move forward.
You don’t need anyone to believe or endorse you before you chase your dreams. On this same conclusion I end with a quote from my spiritual father
‘Your destiny and dreams don’t need a fan club ‘ – Prophet Michael Divine Lasisi


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