“I get to work at 7am and close at 5pm,but I make sure I make time for my NGO. Aside my NGO I have two other businesses running(an ice cream venture and sales of baby’s product.) Because of my busy schedules I trained my
Mum to handle the Ice Cream bit, since she’s always at home and my sister handles all deliveries concerning the baby’s product”.

Meet Miss Deborah Oduro, founder of Dusaf Gh(an NGO) and CEO of debliciousfoods and debsambabypalace a hard working woman, who is a qualified nurse but works as an accountant/sales and marketing officer for a company. An astute entrepreneur who was nominated last year for the 40 under 40 Entrepreneurs Ghana.
This is her story, be inspired

“Being an entrepreneur hasn’t been smooth but it’s worth the smile and joy when you fulfil your set goals.
Challenges are always part of us and they make us strong each passing day. My challenge as an entrepreneur has been people’s assumption thinking you have it all just because you keep smiling and being yourself, so instead of them to give you a helping hand they dont, men lusting to sleep with you just because you asked for an assistance.
One of the most painful experience was going to request for capital from a friend who had it all only to be turned down.
Entrepreneur has always been a part of me and I have always wanted to create job for others to also gain employment and stop suffering. I manage a charity organisation and we lack sponsors so most at times when people purchase my products, I give some percentage to my foundation in aid of the needy. I guess my passion drove me to do what I’m doing.
Being nominated for last year 40 under 40 entrepreneurs in Ghana after our hardwork made me feel we are being recognised and felt we are in the right train towards our success.
My aspirations for 2018 is to be one of the few who will use the little they have to put smiles on the face of mankind and also hope to have a successful fundraising event to help build the first healthcare facility in LUOM community to help save lifes. People should watch out for Dusaf Gh ,because we are here for the voiceless and also to provide meaningful hope to the needy.”

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