The Ghanaian making waves in Canada with his sporting activities.

A self narrative of a Ghanaian based in Canada,serving well as a footballer now a trainer,an author and an entrepreneur.

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” My name is Kwame Osei, I was born in Sekondi-Takoradi. My father was in the Navy in Ghana and my mother was a teacher in Ghana. I moved to Canada at the age of 4 and have lived in Canada ever since. I attended Father Henry Carr in Toronto Canada and also St.Francis Xavier University and graduated with two degrees, Bachelor of Human Kinetics and Bachelor of Education.

Kwame with Daddy

My childhood like most people was filled with various memories. I grew up in Rexdale, Toronto which is a hub for drugs and gangs. Growing up, I was influenced by my environment, I always thought I was expected to be a thug or a drug dealer. I rarely saw successful people in my neighbourhood, and when I did meet one they were not relatable and that had me to believe I could never be like them. I was fortunate  to have fallen in love with the game of American football which ultimately saved my life. Through football I was able to be distracted from the life of crime that most of my friends were involved in. Through football I was able to leave my neighbourhood, which enabled me attain my university education, and ultimately helping me become a teacher, coach, an author and an entrepreneur.

I graduated from university with two degrees. After university I had a brief professional football career. After that I decided to focus on my career as an educator. I was very fortunate to have been offered a job as a Physical Education teacher in Fort McMurray, Alberta right after university. I have been a teacher at Holy Trinity Catholic High School ever since, and I am now in my seventh year. Through teaching I became a Head Coach for a successful team which I am proud to say I helped create. Through football I was able to help various players receive opportunities to advance their education in university. One of our players even received a full scholarship to Princeton University. My style as a coach is very interpersonal. I lead my players by motivating them, finding out what pushes them to be great and consistently getting them to focus on it. I take pride in influencing people to become the best versions of themselves. Some of my students in the past have told me that’s my super power. Through this passion for motivating people, I realized my calling in life. I realized that everything I do involves motivation, this was something that comes natural to me. I decided to put more attention on this gift I have and to share it with as many people as I can. I share this gift through writing, as I am an author of a successful children’s book called ‘If not me then who ?

I also share it through my clothing brand called Triumph Elite, where we sell athletic clothing for individuals, teams and companies. Our motto is “for everyone to be Triumphant in their day.”

My motivation is knowing that the tongue has the power of life and death. I know there are many people in this world who I have the ability to impact in a phenomenal way. I take this responsibility very seriously and I have made it my goal to impact and influence as many people as I can to become the people they were created to be.

I needed someone like myself to come and speak to me when I was young. Fortunately I had the game of football to save me, but I lost a lot of friends due to the lifestyle we once lived. So essentially my motivation is becoming the person I needed when I was young.

Honestly my greatest fear is not living my life on purpose. Not becoming the person I was designed to be is my greatest fear. I feel that if I don’t become that person, if I don’t maximize my gifts and share with the world then I might as well have never lived because I didn’t fulfill my purpose. It’s a scary thought when you actually think about it, but yes that is 100% my greatest fear. This is a fear that I try to conquer everyday, by doing things that makes  me uncomfortable by stretching myself physically,  mentally and emotionally. So that I can become the person I was intended to be, and be able to support my loved ones.

Truthfully I don’t like to focus on regrets in life, I truly believe everything I have gone through in life has moulded  me to become the person I am today, the good, the bad and the ugly moments were part of the process in becoming the person I am destined to be. So if that is part of the process, then I could never regret them no matter how bad they were.

My greatest accomplishment would definitely be the fact I had the courage and strength to not get caught up in the streets, and to take a chance and actually apply myself in university. Through that I was able to graduate from University and help reverse the cycle of un-educated black youth. Another accomplishment would also be publishing my first book, I never in a million years would have thought that I would be considered an author. I’m also a co founder of a non profit organization called Northern Elite Football which is a mentoring through sports organization. My clothing brand Triumph Elite is another big accomplishment as well. Recently I was casted on a television show called The Amazing Race Canada, in which I was given the opportunity to be on national television for 12 weeks, this was an amazing opportunity as it gave myself and my partner the platform to impact a whole country.


If someone were to define me in 2 words they would say Humble and Hungry, those two words are the core of who I am, along with my faith. I choose to be humble in life. I’m grateful to be alive and grateful to have the opportunities that have been presented to me. I respect and value everyone I speak to, from the 1 week old baby to the 100 year old grandmother. Humility has taught me many lessons which pride and arrogance could never provide. Even though I choose to be humble, I am also hungry and tenacious for success in every aspect of my life. I believe if you do something you must do it 100% or just don’t do it at all.

My life has been shaped with certain books I also read in my early age, a few of these are;

The Obstacle is the Way” By Ryan Holiday This book totally changed my perspective on obstacles in life, this book focuses a lot on the practices of stoic philosophers. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but if you are going through a hard time I 100% recommend this book.

Purpose Driven Life’ by Rick Warren, this book helped me focus on my lifes meaning. Through this book, I learned to place more value on living my life for Gods purpose. I created a life mission statement and ever since them I’ve realized my life is on par with that statement.
David and Goliath’ by Malcolm Gladwell This book, helped give me inspiration in everything I do. It gave me a different perspective on being an underdog in life. In life sometimes when the odds are against you they are actually for you but we don’t see this because of our negative perspectives.

I am a big home body, I love to just relax listen to music, read a book and hang out with my wife.

I love to workout and stay in shape. I love food, so essentially I workout so I can eat whatever I want hahaha. I also love playing sports, I grew up as an athlete so physical activity is a huge portion of my life.

As an African living abroad I am very happy to know that there has been an increase in entrepreneurship in our continent. I believe that if we all invest our time and resources towards Africa then we could surely help solve some of the problems Africa faces.

My advise to young entrepreneurs especially the youth out there is that;

Confidence is built in your discomfort zone, get comfortable being uncomfortable and watch yourself transform into the human you were meant to be.”


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