The passion to create memorable moments through reliving pictures led us into photography- Twinsdon’tbeg

Meet the versatile photographers.

Kindly share with us your educational and family background? 

We are Emmanuel Appiah-Gyan and Samuel Appiah Gyan born in Kumasi (KNUST hospital). Our life began from humble beginnings at Ayigya, a suburb of Kumasi, close to KNUST. We started our Education from KNUST; Day
Care, JHS, SHS and University. We have 3 sisters. Unfortunately, we lost our dad when we began our National Service. We have grown to become a close-knit family.


What stimulated your interest for photography? 

During our time on campus, we were mostly into events. For you to succeed at something, you must notice the problem and find the best way of solving that particular problem or identifying a gap and providing the necessary services.  Though we were into events on campus, we couldn’t get things right in making our events stand out. We realised most of the people we used for our pictures couldn’t give us the “excellence” we were looking for. During that time, we couldn’t afford the right tools. Right after University, we were on a movie set called Cursed One which was a Hollywood movie. We actually learnt cinematography whiles on set. It was after this project that we started our own photography. The passion to create memorable moments through reliving pictures led us into photography. We’ve been in the photography space for the 4 years.


What are some of the services you provide? 
We are mainly into PR of products and advertisement. Brand promoters and influencers led us to begin SWAG OF AFRICA. We had the idea of reaching out to brands and other platforms which were not necessarily into photography, we had the concept to project Africa to the world and the media. We were inspired by
how other people presented Africa’s fashion globally. TWINS DON’T BEG is managed by the two of us. However, SWAG OF AFRICA is comprised of a team of young passionate photographers. We also have videographers/bloggers and graphic designers.

How do you relate with other brands and 

A good photographer is someone who is able to connect the muse and the camera and create captivating imagery and moments. Due to our work ethics, we’ve also earned the trust from many celebrities. That has been our motivation.

Any memorable projects so far? 

Our journey in the photography industry has been memorable. We had the opportunity to meet with the President. We even had the chance to sit in the presidential jet. We have also had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Samira Bawumia, the Second Lady of Ghana.

How do you manage challenges? 

Challenges make you a better person and as humans, it is inevitable. We see challenges as resounding boards to learn from.

Do you have any social life apart from your business?

We hang out with friends and family a lot.

How do u keep up with your game? 

We always look up to others for inspiration and each day is a learning curve for us to be better at what we do.

What do you aspire to become in the near future? 

To be the official photographers for Black Entertainment Television – BET. We would also like to project the potential of the African continent and how we can become part of the success story.

What’s your advice to upcoming photographers? 

Be different and versatile. A good photographer is as good as their
product. It’s not easy to start doing something. You must be willing to learn and to become better, learn on your own.

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