Start and end your day with God, build your spiritual life ,communicate with God and seek his face in your business.

It takes a lot of dedication to build a successful business, which includes one’s willingness to work harder than anyone else and pushing yourself to your limit. The demanding schedule
of an entrepreneur does not provide enough room for required breaks eventually having a negative impact on one’s health. After all, what
good is success if you are not healthy to enjoy the benefits.

Lifestyle modification:
Exercise ; Make exercise part of your daily routine, it doesn’t matter whether you do it in the morning,
afternoon or evening.
Find the time to exercise and make it your priority. It doesn’t have to be expensive, simple brisk walking for 30minutes is enough.
Exercise enhances a better work-life balance and improves problem-solving skills

Eat as healthy as possible
– Your productivity is directly impacted by what you eat.
– If you want both your mind and body to perform at optimal levels, then you need to practice
good nutrition.
– What we eat as well as when we eat it contributes to our level of productivity..
– Eat low-fat diet, include vegetables and fruits
in your meals.
– As much as possible, avoid eating processed
– Replace fizzy drinks with water, it is one of the fastest way to reduce your sugar intake and lose weight.

Take time to take a break from your business and relax.
Devote a particular time in the week to indulge in hobbies.
Lack of sleep is associated with high or low blood pressure as well as high levels of cholesterol , which are the risk factors for heart disease
and stroke. Having enough sleep is one of the things your body needs.

Find a routine that suits you and work with it.
This helps to control excessive pressure. Keeping to a regular schedule helps you to stay on course.

Learn to manage stress
Stress is almost impossible to avoid as an entrepreneur but it can be managed, while traits such
as aggression can increase and sustain growth, attributes such as patience, tolerance and humility can help mitigate health related conditions.
Prolonged levels of work without breaks can result in stress burnout, ulcers and hypertension.
Another point of regulating stress is to learn the art of discharging tension. When you are home, try as much as possible not to focus on doing
any work. Studies show that entrepreneurs take business related stress home which negatively
affects their family and relationships. It also affects their comfort, health and happiness.
The same effects are witnessed when they don’t separate family related issues with their work. It adversely affects their efficiency at work.
It is highly recommended to read books and attend conferences in one’s line of work. This will
reduce stress and anxiety.

Mental Health
Taking care of your mental health is very essential to absorb the inherent risk, stress and uncertainty. The state of one’s mental health can
inadvertently affect the business.

According to a study conducted by University of California, entrepreneurs are more likely to
develop mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, substance abuse and bipolar disorders as compared to the people who don’t run businesses. Many entrepreneurs are reluctant to
open up about their problems. If these issues are not addressed properly, it can have debilitating consequences which can be detrimental to the business.
We need to build a high emotional intelligence to be able to helps us adapt to change among others. It is important to develop a formidable
approach towards dealing with stressful situations.

Identify the triggers;
Due to the immense pressure that comes with entrepreneurship, anxiety and depression can affect us.
You have to be careful about the early signs of impending mental health issues such as social withdrawal, change in sleeping patterns and
eating habits, apathy among others. Kindly seek medical advice or talk to a trusted person when you begin to experiences such instances.

Manage your workload effectively. Prioritize your goals and objectives as an entrepreneur accordingly. Spending more time at serene places
will keep you rejuvenated all the time.

Postponing health checks is a very dangerous thing to do.

As individuals, our health should be
our primary concern. We need to conduct regular check ups once in every two years though its very relative to the age of the person.


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