“Just dial *800*28# , and your fish will be delivered to you” – Caroline Pomeyie (Profish Ghana Ltd, Lojaanor)

Can you tell us a bit about what you do?

I am a media and communications professional by academic qualification and practice. I work on productions with Adesa Productions Limited/TV3 of Media Generale which
I do on part time basis. I spend most of my time running a business start-up, ProFish Ghana Limited, with my teammates. ProFish Ghana Limited is a company leveraging on technology to transform the fisheries sector
in the country. We are currently running our flagship product, Lojaanor, which is a fish supply chain platform that facilitates the distribution of fish for our farmers and on an other hand, ensure that consumers can buy healthy wholesome fish. All they need to do
is dial our short code, *800*28# and then we have the fish delivered to them.

What inspired you to venture into this field?

I have always wanted to start a business from childhood but never considered a business in agriculture. When I participated in the Kosmos Innovation Center programs, I became very much interested in the agricultural space.

Can you share the challenges with us and how has it been emerging as a winner at the Kosmos Innovation initiative?

The experience and exposure was definitely worth it. Kosmos Innovation Center believes in nurturing one entrepreneur at a
time. They believed in us and our objectives and there is nothing more profound that that. Eventually, we won the seed fund of 50,000 dollars for Lojaanor with my team ( Alex Calvin Gbetie, Roseline Nketsiah-Essoun, Emmanuel Tetteh Apeku and Benjamin Setor Aflakpui.)

What informed your decision in choosing the name Lojaanor?

Lojaanor means fish market in the local Ga dialect. I decided to use this brand identity to reflect the Ga origin .

What are you looking forward to in the coming months with respect to Lojaanor?

I will want to build a resilient brand that is customer centered and give customers value for their money.

Can you tell us a little about your family background?

I belong to a big family. My cousins, nephews and nieces are always at home with us.
It’s almost always a full house with so much fun. I have always been introverted and never really wanted to be in the spotlight but hey, here we are. At a point, my dad wanted
me to become a doctor. I also loved writing as a child. I used to write poems and short stories.

What will you say motivates you?

I will say I thrive on self-motivation. If I want something, I go all out to get it done so I keep pushing. I also draw a lot of strength from God.

How do you deal with setbacks?

I hate it when I fail but now, I have grown to appreciate it and take cues from them. I learnt during the Kosmos Innovation Centre program to fail quickly and learn fast

What are some of your greatest regrets?

Well, I don’t have regrets. My mistakes have become a major learning curve for me.

How will you describe yourself ?

I am a free-spirited lady who is open to learning and striving to make an impact through media, technology and agriculture.

Do u think entrepreneurship is the
ultimate way to solving the problems of Africa?

Well, I know we can create more jobs
through entrepreneurship but if an entrepreneur’s business growth is stifled how much impact can it make in solving Africa’s problem. Government should strive to build and implement solutions themselves by involving indigenes to solve their own problems.

Your final words to upcoming entrepreneurs especially female entrepreneurs.

I’m also an upcoming entrepreneur in
the process of learning and wish to encourage others to do their best in any field they find themselves.


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