A story is told of a 25 years old lady whose life has proven to be a journey of unexpected challenges. Born with an autoimmune condition known as Alopecia Areata also known as spot baldness, this lady started losing her hair at an early age of 5. She lived with with this condition for 20 years.

At school, bullying was the norm for her as her hair loss earned her very mean names. While her immune system fought her hair follicles, as little as she was she had to deal with the trauma and stigma associated with the illness.

She developed low self esteem as a result of her ailment

because of the bullying and funny names her friends would often refer her to. At a point she wanted to stop schooling because she could not deal with the shame and disgrace but she endured the shame and made it to the University.

Despite efforts by her parents to get their only daughter cured from a disease that was ‘destroying’ her, no medical procedure was successful. She resorted to braiding the parts of her scalp that had hair and ink tattooing the parts that were bald. After sometime even that plan failed as the hair became so weak after each braid.

She then resorted to wearing wig caps and at some particular time, she had over 15 wigs in her closet at the hostel. Every semester, she would spend lots of money getting a wig cap. When the wig cap started draining her of her money, she took a bold step to shave off the remaining strains of hair and tattooed it.

This new style also came with its own issues where people would judge her for her tattoos but nobody bothered to ask why she did it. There were times she lost opportunities and friendships because of her condition and also because at one time people refered to her as a lesbian.

This lady found comfort and acceptance when she encountered a group of women with the same condition. Through her engagement with them, she was able to regain her confidence and self esteem. After graduating as an architect, she started a modeling career through the encouragement of her friend who introduced her to a modeling agency.

In less than a year, this lady became the face of a popular magazine patronized beyond her home country. She was also the face of a well attended runway show, becoming the first alopecian to walk the runways in her country.

She became a household name in the modeling industry in her country and also got opportunities to travel to several nations, walking the runways and inspiring people with her story and her strength.

Through her journey and faith she discovered who she could be in spite of her medical circumstances. Her insecurities did not change overnight, but she learnt to be a survivor.

She did not let her circumstances define her. Through her counselling, she is helping others with the condition to overcome the psychological effects of the disease and find their passion and purpose.


1.Never let your circumstances define who you are

2.Let your weaknesses challenge you to rather push hard and do better instead of allowing it to derail you

3.Never judge a person’s future by his or her current situation.

4.Success and greatness are mostly born out of facing and overcoming challenges, persevering and believing in yourself so don’t give up.

5.No matter your situation, shortcomings or handicap you can still become whatever you wish to be as long as you never admit or concede defeat.

6. Just because you have some difficulties in life doesn’t mean you can’t make it. We have the ability to make a difference, to change lives, be role models, and be all that we can be in spite of life’s circumstances.

7. Live your life on purpose with a purpose for a purpose.

8. No matter the situation you find yourself, never lose faith. Build your trust in God and believe in him to make a testimony out of your life.

9. A bit of kindness and encouragement towards people going through hard times has a way of uplifting their spirit and motivating them to not give up.

10.Learn not to judge people. You may not have an idea of their silent pain and struggles.

11.Don’t let your circumstance dominate your life, have dominion over that circumstance and turn it into your favour.

12. In situations where you’re left with little or no option, learn to improvise.

13.Human beings are such that they will talk anyway, so do that which would bring you comfort and is pleasing to your father in heaven.

14. In your bid to please men you can loose yourself, keep your focus on God.

15. There is always a lesson in every test you go through. Don’t just go through the test without learning the lessons.

16. Most disadvantages come with advantages wrapped within. Unwrap the advantage from your disadvantage.As the name suggests dis”advantage “.

17. Everyone has his or her audience, find yours. No matter how much people avoid you, there will always be people who will welcome you.

What lessons have you learnt?

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