The Marker Board Project by Esther Yaa Bentumaa Ofosu (founder, Global Anchor Foundation)

Global Anchor Foundation(GAF) is a Non-Governmental Organization that is on a
mission to promote human and community development by helping individuals to discover and nurture their innate potential through equitable access to education and synonymous ultimate opportunities. GAF has in the past five years since its inception been clamoring for a breach in the gap between rural and urban education, and as an
organization shares in the aspirations of the global community as it has been highlighted in the UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOAL 4 which is “to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.

It is in light of this, that GAF has rolled out quite a number of projects to see to the realization of its Mission and Vision statements; one of such interventions is The Marker Project.
The marker project is an initiative that sought to supplant the primitive traditional usage of chalk and blackboard with white marker boards, to promote effective learning within the Suhum Municipality. Commenced in 2018, Global Anchor Foundation in
coaction with its stakeholders have provided 20 white marker boards and its accessories to 4 public schools.

“We at GAF believe that Education is the bedrock for sustainable development of every country and must constitute the priority of every individual, group or civil organization.
We however consider it a shared responsibility hence our unwavering commitment to giving a facelift to rural education so as to marginalize the conspicuous disparity between
that of the urban. There is strong evidence that high quality infrastructure facilitates better instruction, improves student outcomes, and reduces dropout rates, among other benefits.
For instance, a recent study from the UK found that environmental and design elements of school infrastructure together explained 16% of variation in primary students’academic progress. Schools in rural areas face the biggest investment needs in the country; students attending these schools are doubly disadvantaged. These students come from low income and pastoral families to attend poorly equipped schools, and this we find repugnant and predicate the importunity to providing auxiliary resolutions.
Albeit monetarily exigent, we are of the firm belief that not later than the year 2020 we would have successfully converted all chalkboards into white marker boards in all the public schools within the Suhum Municipality with all other indicative programs running
concurrently. On this note, we as a matter of expediency appealing to stakeholders, private individuals, and all well-wishers to patronize this project in whichever capacity they deem appropriate.”-
Ms. Esther Yaa Bentumaa Ofosu (CEO)

Ing. Derrick Kwasi Ofori A. Boadu  (Executive Secretary)

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