The young Nigerian social media influencer and a Techprenuer- King Robert Kehinde

This is an interview with  a young  enthusiasts making  advances in the social media circle. He’s a Techprenuer  from Nigeria. He’s by name King Robert Kehinde. He’s very passionate about his work and has marvelous proven results.

Enjoy his journey, be  inspired.


Tell us a bit about yourself?

My names are King Robert Kehinde popularly known as ‘King Robert’, I’m  from Delta State, Nigeria, “Itsekiri” by tribe and I’m 31 years old. I’m a Techprenuer, Founder and Creative director of African Street Blog.

What stimulated your interest in entrepreneurship and why did you choose this particular work?

Entrepreneurship has always been my thing, with respect to those do 12 hours working for one company or the other. I have always wanted to create something to improve the life of others and I knew to do that I needed to take the risk of having a steady monthly income to a field whereby I can go a week without pay. I’m a “Techie” today because it is my passion, I love what I do, being able to connect people and brands is something special to me and like I have always said “Connecting people is a business that never goes out of business”.

What are some of the services you provide? Any memorable project(s) so far?

My services are Website Development, Digital Marketing, Blogging and IT Consultation. In my few years on this journey, I have done some works I’m proud of and to mention but a few; First Platinum LTD, Concern African Youth Forum (CAYF), Nigeria High Commission, Ghana and Nadjoa Beads, all of the aforementioned are Website Development plus Management services. I have been blessed to work with some brands from the United States and a few celebrities across Africa.

What are some of the untapped industries you think your project could be deployed in?

So much of them I must say, Now in this part of the world, we may say ‘we are developed and are up on our game’ but the fact remains that, there’s so much needed to be done. So one key industry I will say is “SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCING”, most of our young people are always on their phone and sometimes I feel like preaching to them but even when I get to do so, most of them are just relax and comfortable with their job security and not ready to jump the ship. We can do so much on social media today. The INFLUENCER MARKETING industry alone is worth over a $1 Billion every year, we too can get our share.

Do you think entrepreneurship is the solution to some of the problems on the continent?

Absolutely! Now there’s high rate of unemployment in our motherland “Africa” but it shouldn’t be so, young people need to do something different, it is high time we stop the circle of going to school for 4 to 5years, graduate into the Job Searchers industry, I am sorry, but that’s the name I call it. We are blacks and blacks are creative, blacks have strength and black is bold. We need to do something to make our society better.

What is your vision for the next 5 years and where do you see yourself as an African entrepreneur?

Next 5 years? Well that journey for me already started and am just building on it day by day and night by night. It is to breach the gap between the service man, the gap between the everyday African man and the brands that needs their service. This project for me has already begin, my life mission is to connect and thanks to God and the founders that started long ago, it is becoming a clearer picture now.

What gets you out of bed in the morning and what keeps you up at night?

To be sincere, the first thing that makes me to get off my bed each morning is my devotion with my Maker, and the only thing that keeps me up at night is my work, over the years I have understood that, night time are the best time to take charge.

How did you fund your business and how difficult was it?

Truth be told it wasn’t difficult for me to start, capital wise but getting started wasn’t easy because at some point I was scared to approach people but I mastered it. My adopted mom helped me fund my first business. She told me to get up and do something with my life and she made me know that since I’ve been able to do a website for myself, I should make business cards and flyers, then go out there to share it and let people know how I can improve their sales and visibility to the global village. I printed some flyers and business cards which didn’t cost much but her idea and God’s grace is what has brought me this far today.

What avenues can upcoming entrepreneurs on the African continent think of with respect to

You have to start with what you have now, like my father in the Lord would say “Everyone has something” it would be much better to build a Million dollar corporation from what was just one dollar. Look at Steve Jobs, he didn’t start with much, all he had was just his father’s garage and a partner. Now every vision is worth sacrificing for, so how about you start saving little by little from the money you spend on call cards and Friday night. My point is “save for that dream” you may want to be the owner of an airline company tomorrow, but you can start with just selling Coconut and you save from that small income, invest your profit and expand your reach. “little drops they say makes an ocean” and if you can, partner with someone, like my mom will always say “Two heads are better than one”. We lack this in Africa, partnership will get you to somewhere you never dreamt of.

What do you wish you knew before starting your first business?

I wish I knew about how I could monetize right before I started years ago. I wouldn’t have run out of funds for my first community, I grew that platform to thousands of subscribers and I had no idea how I could make money with the site and because I couldn’t pay no more, I lost the platform.

In one word describe your life as an entrepreneur.

‘Freeman’ , I love the life because I’m free, and I can be creative and continually develop myself.

What has been your greatest inspiration?

When I look at how well I  have learnt on the work I do, the experience I’ve gained from the risks I have taken, I feel inspired and mostly whenever I see the logo of my laptop(apple), it drives me to do something different. Something that will touch a life positively.

If you had the chance to start again, what would you do differently?

I will Start early, That’s exactly what I would have done. Today amongst the influencers I work with and I have worked with, many are under 18years old, they’re investing and making a difference already. So, don’t procrastinate, start now!

What significant advice would you give African entrepreneurs who are launching out?

I will start with this popular saying “When you feel like quitting, think about why you started and keep going on”. Entrepreneurship is not easy but it is simple, you have to be a risk taker to succeed. “Don’t settle for less, there’s always room for improvement”

No matter how tough it get, know that many have been there and they succeeded, so yes! You too can succeed. There’s no such thing called “Failure”, Failure is part of the process to success. Lastly, if you try and it didn’t work, don’t beat yourself up. Don’t change the Goal, change the Strategy, Stay focused.

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